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After the Financial Panic of and the resulting economic depression, however, Congressional funding ran dry and construction was stopped at Vandalia, Illinois , the territorial capital of the Illinois Territory , northeast of St. Louis and the Mississippi River. Beyond the National Road's eastern terminus at Cumberland and toward the Atlantic coast, a series of private Toll roads and turnpikes were completed in , connecting the National Road also known as the " Old National Pike " with Baltimore, Maryland , then the third largest city in the U.

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In , the road east of Wheeling was turned over to the several states for either state maintenance or operation as a private regulated franchise as a turnpike. Route 40 , Alternate U. Today, much of the alignment is followed by U. Route 40 , with various portions bearing the Alternate U. Route 40 designation, or various state-road numbers such as Maryland Route for several sections between Baltimore and Cumberland.

The full road, including extensions east to Baltimore and west to St. Louis , was designated "The "Historic National Road" , an All-American Road " in , and the later constituting of a supporting organization of "National Road" enthusiasts, historians, engineers and state officials.

The Braddock Road had been opened by the Ohio Company in between Fort Cumberland , the limit of navigation on the upper Potomac River , and the French military station at Fort Duquesne at the forks of the Ohio River , at the confluence of the Allegheny and Monongahela Rivers , an important trading and military point where the city of Pittsburgh now stands. It received its name during the colonial-era French and Indian War of , also known as the Seven Years' War in Europe when it was used by British General Edward Braddock accompanied by Colonel George Washington of the Virginia militia regiment in the ill-fated July Braddock expedition , an attempt to assault Fort Duquesne , future Fort Pitt , later the city of Pittsburgh in modern Pennsylvania , occupied by the forces of the Kingdom of France from their bases further north in " New France " modern Canada , along the St.

Construction of the "Cumberland Road" which later became part of the longer "National Road" was authorized on March 29, , by third President Thomas Jefferson.

The National Road and the Difficult Path to Sustainable National Investment

The new "Cumberland Road" would replace the wagon and foot paths of the "Braddock Road" for travel between the Potomac and Ohio Rivers , following roughly the same alignment until just east of Uniontown, Pennsylvania. The contract for the construction of the first section was awarded to Henry McKinley on May 8, , [4] and construction began later that year, with the road reaching Wheeling on August 1, For more than years, a simple granite stone was the only marker of the Road's beginning in Cumberland, Maryland.

In June , a monument and plaza were built in that town's Riverside Park, next to the historic original starting point. On May 15, , Congress authorized an extension of the road to St.

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Work on the extension between Wheeling and Zanesville, Ohio , used the pre-existing Zane's Trace of old Ebenezer Zane , and was completed in to the new state capital of Columbus, Ohio , and in to the college town of Springfield, Ohio. Maintenance costs on the Cumberland Road were becoming more than Congress was willing to bear.

In agreements with Maryland, Virginia, and Pennsylvania, the road was to be reconstructed and resurfaced. The section that ran over Haystack Mountain , just west of Cumberland, was abandoned and a new road was built through the Cumberland Narrows.

National Road

The last Congressional appropriation was made May 25, , and in Congress voted against completing the unfinished portion of the road, with the deciding vote being cast by Henry Clay. By that time, railroads were proving a better method of long-distance transportation, and the Baltimore and Ohio Railroad was being built west from Baltimore to Cumberland, mostly along the Potomac River , and then by a more direct route than the National Road across the Allegheny Plateau of West Virginia then Virginia to Wheeling.

Construction of the National Road stopped in Much of the road through Indiana and Illinois remained unfinished and was later transferred to the states.

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  7. In , the National Road was designated as the eastern part of U. The Road in its Prime Chapter 11 Chapter 8.

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    Ted Sky's book on the Historic National Road is an important contribution to the National Road Heritage Corridor's work of preserving the history and heritage of this important transportation artifact. The book's focus on the historical, constitutional, and economic significance of the road's construction and maintenance during the early part of the Nineteenth Century will be exceedingly valuable to students of that period. The significance of extending and linking an expanding nation, along with the debate surrounding the extent and suitability of public involvement in the planning and financing of such a road in the US, are compelling stories that reveal much about not just literally the path but also the pace of American economic and political development.

    Sky law, Catholic Univ.

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    Initially authorized in by Thomas Jefferson, by it would ultimately stretch more than miles across six states from Cumberland, Maryland, to Vandalia, Illinois. This systematic, detailed study examines and deconstructs some of the legislative and constitutional debates while also providing insight into the constructive and engineering complexities in the thoroughfare's design and operation.

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    The National Road And The Difficult Path To Sustainable National Investment Sky Theodore

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