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  1. Volume 6 Archives | International Journal of Engineering and Advanced Technology(TM)
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These results are rationalized by invoking vibrational coupling between the amide I mode and the bending modes of the surrounding water molecules which provide a continuum of vibrational states. This coupling is absent in D2O because deuteration causes a downshift of the water's bending mode. Hence our results show that peptides and their aqueous environment form a dynamic entity. For glycylglycine the analysis of amide II also reveals a splitting into two subbands which most likely results from two different conformers with respect to the orientation of the carboxyl group.

Volume 6 Archives | International Journal of Engineering and Advanced Technology(TM)

The bound conformations of the ligand were calculated from the full relaxation matrix analysis of transferred-NOE spectra for E- and P-selectin or by using a two-spin approximation for the L-selectin complex. The conformation of the branched trisaccharide portion in the bound state remains close to the conformation of the free ligand. The latter couplings appear to be essentially unaffected by N-glycoside torsion. Transient nuclear Overhauser effects tNOE's measured in DEE-d10 in bridged monodeuterated 1 show that the bridges in 1 are syn and not anti to each other and that lithium is exo-coordinated to the anionic bridge carbon.

The 1J 13C,1H coupling constants show that the hybridization of the carbanionic carbon is intermediate between sp2 and sp3. Thus the solution and solid state structures of 1 are similar. Insight into the detailed mechanism of carbon lithiation by an organolithium reagent and of carbon sodiation by an organosodium reagent has been obtained using [1. In tetrahydrofuran THF 1 and 3 undergo rapid 1,proton transfer reactions which are coupled with 1,lithium ion and 1,sodium ion transfers, respectively. It is concluded that the degenerate rearrangement of 1 does not make use of a pseudorotation mechanism, but occurs by direct conversion of a syn-conformer to another syn-conformer.

The degenerate rearrangement of 1 shows strong solvent dependence, e. The results show that in the rate-limiting activated complex the lithium ion is coordinating one solvent molecule more than in the initial state. It is paired with a carbanion in which the proton is symmetrically located between the bridge carbons. Compound 3 shows a behavior similar to that of 1, but it is more fluxtional.

It also shows a solvent catalysis that is weaker than for 1.

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It is concluded that 3 also exchanges using an activated complex that contains one solvent molecule more than the initial complex. Effects of a highly conserved hydrogen bond between the distal histidine His and a nearby asparagine residue Asn of peroxidases upon the active site structures were investigated using resonance Raman RR and EPR spectroscopy. In the resting state, the six-coordinate high-spin structure is the main component for N70V and N70D mutants, while the five-coordinate high-spin structure is dominant for the native and WT HRPs. This was confirmed with EPR spectra.

A combined modeling and experimental strategy has been applied to the problem of stabilisation of a metastable conformational polymorph. Selection rules are derived for SOC between different spin situations, and are applied to understand the computed SOC patterns along the oxidation pathway, and their relationship to the electronic structure of the various species.

The results show that while the quartet surface provides a low-energy path, the SI junctions reduce the probability of the oxidation process significantly. In agreement with the deductions of Armentrout et al. Other findings of Schwarz et al. Predictions based on the understanding of the SOC patterns are made and compared with appropriate experimental data. Pair your accounts.

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Your Mendeley pairing has expired. Please reconnect. February 1, Volume , Issue 7 Pages In this issue: Share. Sort By: Page Date Articles. Muller Robyn P. Hickerson Ronelito J. Perez Cynthia J. Smith Marion H. O'Leary Richard L. Loll Anthony E. Bevivino Brian D. Korty Paul H. Balagurusamy G.

Ungar V. Percec G. Scott Linthicum David H. Abstract Full text PDF ABSTRACT Direct evidence for the involvement of thiophene S-oxide as a key primary reactive intermediate in the metabolism of thiophene 1 in rats was obtained from the isolation of two diastereoisomeric thiophene S-oxide dimers, 4a and 4b, both in vitro oxidation of thiophene with rat liver microsomes and in vivo isolation of 4a from rat urine. Preparation of and Fluoroalkylation with Chlorodifluoromethyl trimethylsilane, Difluorobis trimethylsilyl methane, and 1,1,2,2-Tetrafluoro-1,2-bis trimethylsilyl ethane Andrei K.

Yudin G.

Polymethylated and Poly tert butylated Diphenylcarbenes. Structure Elucidation Thomas T. Medina Glenn E. Maguire Ernesto Abel Jerry L. Atwood George W. Chisholm Scott T.

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    Riordan,, Glenn P. Rheingold Adam Marchaj Jack R. The Four-Electron Reduction of a N. MacNeil Polly A. Berseth Eric L. Bruner Temur L. Souter Gary P. Stephenson Scott A.


    Driessen V. Morgon Andre B. Argenton Maria L. Brown John S.

    1. Metal-Organic Frameworks: Applications from Catalysis to Gas Storage.
    2. Journal of the American Chemical Society | Vol , No 7.
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