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Lopez, and C. Image reconstruction by the wavelet transform applied to aperture synthesis - Kluska, F. Malbet, J. Berger, F. Baron, B. Lazareff, J. Le Bouquin, J. Monnier, F. Lannes, E. Anterrieu, and P. Clean and Wipe - Hofmann and G. Iterative image reconstruction from the bispectrum - Fessler and B. Nonuniform fast Fourier transforms using min-max interpolation - Signal Process.

Titles in this series

Keiner, S. Kunis, and D. Using nfft3 - a software library for various nonequispaced fast fourier transforms - Cornwell and R. Deconvolution - Perley, F. Schwab, and A. Bridle eds. Positive deconvolution for superimposed extended source and point sources - Giovannelli, J. Gerwe, J. Dolne, P. Crabtree, R.

Interferometry and the study of protoplanetary disks | EPJ Web of Conferences

Holmes, and B. Image reconstruction from sparse irregular intensity interferometry measurements of fourier magnitude - Nocedal and S. Numerical Optimization Verlag, , 2nd ed. Principles of image reconstruction in interferometry - EAS Publ. Boyd and L.

Convex Optimization Cambridge University Press, , seventh ed. Maximum entropy spectral analysis - Skilling and R. Maximum entropy image reconstruction: general algorithm - Cornwell and K. A simple maximum entropy deconvolution algorithm - Mugnier, and G. Convex approximation to the likelihood criterion for aperture synthesis imaging - Thiebaut, M. Tallon, I.

Astronomy - Ch. 6: Telescopes (14 of 21) How Interferometry Improve Telescope Resolutions

Tallon-Bosc, and P. Optimal a posteriori fringe tracking in optical interferometry - Hofmann, G. Weigelt, and D. Statistics of directional data - Journal of the Royal Statistical Society. Series B Methodological pp. Schutz, A. Ferrari, D. Mary, F. Tikhonov and V.

Lacour, L. Perrin, and S.

Astronomy and Astrophysics Library

Advanced imaging methods for long-baseline optical interferometry - Selected Topics in Signal Process. Conan, L. Mugnier, T. Fusco, V. Michau, and G. Myopic deconvolution of adaptive optics images by use of object and point-spread function power spectra - Rudin, S.

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Osher, and E. Nonlinear total variation based noise removal algorithms - Charbonnier, L. Aubert, and M. Deterministic edge-preserving regularization in computed imaging - Image Process. Reconstruction method for weak-phase optical interferometry - Prior probabilities - Restoring with maximum likelihood and maximum entropy - Images of accretion discs - I. For most large underdetermined systems of linear equations, the minimal ell-1 norm near-solution approximates the sparsest near-solution - Pure Appl. Regression shrinkage and selection via the lasso - Analysis of discrete ill-possed problems by means of the L-curve - Gerchberg and W.

A practical algorithm for the determination of phase from image and diffraction plane pictures - Phase retrieval algorithms: a comparison - Optical instruments -- Design and construction. Optics, Adaptive. Telescopes -- Design and construction -- Congresses. Kona HI, March Cosponsored by ESO.

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Aluminum industry and trade--Congresses. Aluminum forming--Congresses. Interferometery -- Congresses. Astronomical instruments -- Congresses.

Imaging systems in astronomy -- Congresses. Astronomy -- Data Processing -- Congresses. Image Processing -- Congresses. Computer software -- Development -- Congresses. Includes articles by various authors which were originally published in German and English in Praktische Metallographie. Astronomical spectroscopy -- Congresses.

Charge coupled devices -- Congresses. Swing computer file.

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Java foundation classes. Graphic user interfaces computer systems 4. Java computer program language. Cosmology -- Congresses. Galaxies -- Formation -- Congresses. Large scale structure Astronomy -- Congresses. Dark matter Astronomy -- Congresses. Astronomical constants -- Congresses.

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CRC handbook of lubrication : theory and practice of tribology, vol. Monitoring, materials, synthetic lubricants, and applications. Sponsored by the American Society of Lubrication Engineers. Stevenage [Hertfordshire] ; New York : P. Peregrinus on behalf of the Institution of Electrical Engineers, Double stars. Disks Astrophysics 3. Binary stars. Disk galaxies. Microsoft Windows NT.