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​What gave you the idea to frame the story around a protagonist who won't speak?
  1. ‘Altered Carbon’ Explainer: Here’s What It Means That Takeshi Kovacs Is an ‘Envoy’
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  4. 'Altered Carbon': Here's What It Means That Takeshi Kovacs Is an 'Envoy'

In honor of Detroit hitting theaters wide this week, I decided to rank her filmography, only leaving off her co-directing credit for The Loveless , which is still quite good. Otherwise, everything is fair game. Facebook Messenger Click the button below and wait for a message from our Facebook bot in Messenger! I too stumbled upon this by chance when trying to figure out a similar occasion. Ash, what is so interesting is that my first experience with this thing was when I was actually in my dream and in the dream, I visited a very old mansion building My history classroom to be exact It was very random because I just ended up in that classroom all by myself without realizing what I was dreaming prior to that.

I felt completely at peace and wonderment why everything felt so real in my dream, and all of the sudden I felt like something big was going to happen and I felt it right above me; I looked up and saw this blob of black very much like a huge black thing of undefined blob of oily type of substance and it landed on my chest and pinned me on the ground seeming like it was choking me with his hands, sucking the life out of me.

I then starting moaning off the top of my lungs and my dad all the way from the other room heard me.

‘Altered Carbon’ Explainer: Here’s What It Means That Takeshi Kovacs Is an ‘Envoy’

And this is where it gets pretty interesting, later on I asked him if he ever had this happen to him, and he said after him waking me up, he has had them sense as well. I have had about 6 experiences with 3 different looking characters. I have seen the hooded figure, the black shadow with the strong hands, and the black blob which just stared at me with no attack. Oh man! One night a couple months ago I had the scariest sleep paralysis ever. I was in my boyfriends bed and woke up around 5 am. He left for work at 4am. As I woke up to turn to my side I saw a light float into the fish tank we had for some baby turtles.

I woke up about 10 minutes later paralyzed. Anyway, about 5 minutes later I turned to my side facing his door and noticed two dark shadowy figures standing there. I got instantly scared and horrified. I closed my eyes as fast as I could and when I opened them again they were standing even closer. I was so scared I could barely breathe. I remember peeking through part of the covers and seeing one of them walking toward the edge of the bed and I felt the bed kind of fall through like someone was climbing into it.

I think I fell asleep right after closing my eyes as tightly as I could. I have no idea what happened after that. Thank you, Winter, and good luck with it all.

Screw Destiny

I stop smoking cigs Going out with friends drinking I completely did a Everything was great, I started school for audio engineering I had my business on the side My own place I felt like everything I told my self I wanted to accomplish was happening right before my eyes.. I started working on my music Hours into my session I start feeling tired I lay down on my sofa I fall asleep while I cant remember but I felt that I was awake but I told my self its only a dream.. I saw a dark shadow on my ceiling flying around suddenly it started to approach me I remember saying clear as day stop leave me alone however it came with such force pushing down on my chest as if it was trying to go inside of me.

I tried to talk but I couldnt.. I finally managed to push it away and then thats when I snapped out of it.

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My husband had just left for work it was about 4am, and all of a sudden, I see this goblin looking thing almost like that white creature in lord of the ring-precious but a dark black image come and whisper in my ear. I started to sing church songs I did this as a child whenever I was scared to try to scare it away.

All I can think of was to open the door and tell them to go home.

I finally broke away from the hold and felt this numbing paralyzing feeling throughout my body. I got up out of bed, got ready, and left the house at 5am… Is this the same thing as sleep paralysis? Why was I able to get up and leave? Please help. Which then, your mind was able to create an experience that seemed all too real..

But then again, who knows? I just found this article, while looking for answers to my experiance two years ago. Two moment of living on the campus never scared me more than anything. The first would be a demon chasing and taunting me for a few weeks and the second is my sleep paralysis episodes. Now I was on the bottom bunk in the room and my roommate as asleep in the top bunk, the door was to the left of the bunks and would hit them if the door was opened. So as I was watching the door open I thought it was going to be one of my buddies coming to get a cigarette, but I see this 6 foot 3 slender, black figure glide into my room.

I wake up the next morning feeling different yet still the same person, the day seemed smooth and yet dark. I thought it was just some crazy dream, but when it happened to me again that next night, I knew it was something dark that wanted something. What are your thoughts?

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These things are demons.. They are not figments of imagination or a part of your psyche.. They are real demonic shadows that terrorize man.. They can touch you, talk and they know your innermost fears.. It is their job to terrorize man until Christ returns. Just get tight with Jesus, they are afraid of me now because I will send them to the abyss in the name of Jesus before they can even get their shadowy figures manifested. I hate these things and now I am rid of them. You can do it too.

About Matt Cardin

The name of Jesus strikes fear in these shadows and sends them running. I agree with Charli. I was forcebly shaken awake by something i had a pressure on my chest keeping me down, i couldnt move except my eyes but i did not see any thing at the time which was the most scariest even though i could feel something sitting or holding me down.

I couldnt talk scream or whatever but i tried reciting the lords prayer i my head and i could move, it was the most teriffing experiece ive ever had, I have not had another attack as of yet i fhink due to me sleeping with the rosery under my pillow at night. I am not a religious person i dont go to church but something happened to me that night and it didnt like the fact i calked apon god! Hello there. The same dark cloaked figure is in most of these posts. At first I was being pinned down but then it was as if my spirit had left my body.

Then a dark cloaked figure started chasing me throughout my apartment, violently thrashing at me. I was terrified and angry at the same time. So I started screaming at the figure and I began to chase it out of my apartment. I try and tell myself it was a dream…but it was so real.

'Altered Carbon': Here's What It Means That Takeshi Kovacs Is an 'Envoy'

I had this experience happen to me many years ago when I was 19 years old. I am 33 now and have not had anything like this happen since then, although, at times I have had the feeling like there was some kind of presence in a room with me. This presence that I had felt from time to time was not a good presence, conversely, it was more of a dark and evil presence, which would give me a very uneasy feeling in the pit of my stomach.

Anyway, back to my experience.

Shadow Warrior by Christine Feehan a Shadow Riders Series Novel

I remember clearly and vividly the entire experience. At the time of my experience I had been a drug user, but I remember that the night this happened I was completely sober minded. At first I had told a few people about this and they would accuse me of being on acid, high, or drunk but I insisted I was not. Most people do not believe that I am telling the truth. I was lying in my bed, I remember it was very late at night.

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  • Everyone else in the house had been sleeping for awhile. With the bedroom light still on, I dozed off fully clothed.

    Like many people have posted before me, I experienced a very vivid dream. I remember standing in a dark abyss. It seemed almost as though, although it was me in the dream, I was my spirit or soul standing in this dark abyss. The darkness was infinite and I remember not being able to see my hand directly in front of my face.

    The feeling that I got from this darkness was complete emptiness and hopelessness. A feeling that I felt deep within my soul and all around me, utter loneliness. I could see it clearly as though there was a spotlight shining down upon him, as something you would see in a rock concert or a play.