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But to the end, Catherine would insist that she consented to nothing with Dereham, and that there was no legal inhibition to her royal marriage. Before she could make it to the door and beg for her life, the young Queen was dragged back to her apartments, kicking and screaming. Catherine was officially stripped of her queenship on November 23, She spent the rest of the winter under house arrest at a former convent in the new Syon Abbey, Middlesex. As a result, Christmas celebrations were canceled that year. The king was simply too bummed out.

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Her uncle Thomas Howard, the Duke of Norfolk, wrote a groveling letter which lay the blame entirely on his stepmother and niece. Nice one, Thom. It also made it illegal for the consort to even encourage adultery with herself. On the eve of her execution, Catherine asked for a chopping block. She allegedly spent hours laying her head up and down, again and again, making sure she would get it just right on the big day.

Who knew he was decreeing a special occasion to be bummed seven years later? Victorian England took a big interest in monarchal history, partly as a way to shore up the growing British Empire. And they certainly took to Catherine Howard, albeit in a less than flattering way. Catherine died with a single axe stroke, but her death was a double feature. The lady-in-waiting who assisted her affair with Thomas Culpeper was beheaded right after her mistress. The Lambeth Palace where Catherine grew up was home to many highborn wards, but it was also notoriously lax in discipline.

To what degree Catherine participated in these activities, versus being a simple spectator, remains a debate to this day. Initially, Henry was unwilling to believe that his sweet fifth wife could ever be dishonest to him. When he first received a letter of accusations against Catherine, the King insisted it was forgery and ordered a private investigation only so her name could be cleared.

After a few days, however, the evidence seemed uglier and more concrete. Obviously, he did not go through with his own original wishes and had the matter outsourced. Back in spring , there were rumors that Catherine was pregnant. Pre-arrangements for her coronation were soon made.

Biography of Catherine Howard, Queen of England

But since no baby ever materialized—either by mistake or miscarriage, no one is sure—neither did the celebrations. Who knows what an heir could have done to save her life? At the news, an eight-year-old Elizabeth allegedly vowed that she would never marry. Want to tell us to write facts on a topic? Please submit feedback to contribute factinate. Thanks for your time! Do you question the accuracy of a fact you just read? Our credibility is the turbo-charged engine of our success.

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Her interests include the European Renaissance, popular culture, and Internet history. She is completing her PhD in Toronto, Canada. The Great Courses. Electric Scotland. Trading Paper Crowns. WGBH Digital.


Catherine Howard () - Find A Grave Memorial

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    More from Factinate. Featured Article. But I didn't have much time. It is very unlikely that she fell in love with the King ….. I think she was very rash and very brave and full of courage considering the awful cicumstances. A bloody end that she did not deserve. The Tudors did a right job on Katherine Howard as a brainless, spiteful, pretty, carefree bimbo. However, they were not the first, but certainly the worst and they even threw in a brothal style home. Again nonsense. She was the daughter of a younger son but the granddaughter and niece of a great family.

    She lived in a typical household but lost her parents early in life. However, again contrary to popular myth she was not neglected and did have adult supervision. She was taught how to run a great household and music and could read and write. She may not have been a bookworm, but few women of noble families were. Noble families collected books and Katherine as Queen had at least four dedicated to her, but books were still expensive, in spite of printing. The Dowager Duchess was wealthy and had a great household to run and several young women and gentlemen.

    Officially there were rules on modesty and discipline, but here supervision fell short. It is obvious that those supervisors in charge at night neglected their duty as the key to the dormitory was easy to steal and sneak in gentlemen.

    There were young men in the household and people employed by the Duchess to add to the young ladies education. No young woman of a decent family, especially a royal or noble or gentlewoman could expect to be any use as a wife without some form of education. We cannot project modern ideas of education onto sixteenth century women. Anne Boleyn was not a typical woman of her day and even she had to conform to male control, something she resisted as Queen.

    Katherine had to learn statecraft, decorum, household maintenance and control, music, needlework, a basic knowledge of herbs, to run her kitchen, staff, everything required to keep a large house clean, read and write, basic accounts, everything she would need to run and control a complex household. Jane Seymour would have received a similar education but within the context of her own home and she certainly would not have been suitable to serve two Queens for a number of years shut up at Wolfe Hall not doing anything.

    She is another lady who is maligned as dim and uneducated without any evidence being offered by those commentators. Sadly for Katherine, her reputation has suffered more because she has been caught up in scandal. Due to a lack of vigilance she was firstly at a young age pressured into inappropriate behaviour by her music teacher at the age of 12 to 14 which we would view as abuse. The Duchess did also dismiss him.